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The Studio Build - Day 6, cleaning and polishing...

Studio view from door end

First day of the new week, and it's just tidying up now really...

Came up with a couple of fixes that made life easier, especially if you are a Camranger owner.

Dug out a candlestick holder from the attic yesterday that an old girlfriend gave me and we haven't used in years. Bit rusty, so rub down and respray last night and left in conservatory to dry.

Barbara, my long suffering wife, found some coffee tables on Freecycle over the weekend, so we picked those up and they give us a bit more furniture and space to put things, will be useful for coffee too...

We also picked up an excellent mirror in a charity shop, which I forgot to take a picture of, so I'll rectify that tomorrow - sorry all!

I've been puzzling for some time over how to get the Camranger (a wireless router that allows me to show images to clients as captured - see the photo heading the blog) to stay on the camera without getting in the way. The standard pouch supplied tends to fall off, or the Camranger falls out of it (zip tends to work loose), and I end up with it hanging by the USB3 cable - not good for camera or Camranger.

It's about the size of a mobile phone, and I always have an Arca Swiss mount on the camera... Hmm, can we get a Arca Swiss clamp and a smartphone clamp with 1/4" threads? Yes we can!

Andoer® Adapter Plate Square Clamp

Mudder Universal Smartphone Holder Mount

Two seconds work with an Allen Key and we're done; works well, and adding a single velcro cable tie keeps it neat. Very pleased with result, and will post a photo shortly. Only caveat is that Camranger has to go in with the wider side to the inside, which means display lights face the bracket otherwise it's less secure.

Drilled some holes in walls to put up mirror, first aid kit (see previous post for why that matters!) and notice board. After that it's cleaning, cleaning, tidy up, put away and we're done.

Well...nearly. There are still two more things to fix. One is we need proper blackout for the windows as if the sun is out you can't see modelling lamps - make no difference to images (flash is so powerful that sun is irrelevant), but makes setup hard. Need to find 170cm wide blackout material or work something else out. To quote Scarlett O'Hara, I'll think about that tomorrow... Other is some more storage, a simple plastic shelf will do and I will source one from our local DIY store tonight.

See you tomorrow, hopefully with the photos I forgot to do today!