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The Studio Build - Moving-in Day...

The first sight, very wet floor

The big move in day... Details after the jump.



All agreed with the Council, we'd be meet up at 0930 for handover of keys, inspection and meter reading etc.

Got our first customer too - just a headshot shoot for Friday, but bearing in mind we've only done this blog and some facebook postings, helpful.

Loaded car up with cleaning gear - expecting it to be a day of cleaning and the like, with some planning for what we are going to do next. Julie, my co-photographer, prepped and texts me at 0845 to say she'll be there soon, but probably a bit later than 0930. 

Vale staffer phones, says he has to attend a training course so can't meet me this morning...Grr! We eventually agree to meet at 1215, but obviously not happy as it loses me the whole morning.

Took a quick record shot of the entrance, before sulking off home to get on with something else while I wait...

 View of entrance

Okay, 1215, back down; I've loaded a lot of the gear in as well, might as well make use of the extra trip. Council guy has arrived. Some paperwork, and we are in - to a bit of a mess to be honest:

Did we have a flood???

It looks like they have done the painting and attempted to wash the floor - but not dried it... Okay, we were expecting cleaning, so out with the steam cleaner and let's get to this - we can spread the water around as we are doing it to help it dry.

The stains aren't going to come up. After 15 minutes of work, one of them looks like this:

How do you get out rust stains?

Which is exactly as it was when I started! Ah well, we'll have carpet and backdrops down so we will just have to live with it where we don't. It's doesn't scrape off either - proper stain.

Brought in a dehumidifier to start drying the place out, and put that to running. Started bringing in kit, but have to stack it in a corner until the floor is dry. That won't be until tomorrow...

The windows are a bit odd:

Window oddness

They have started painting the tiles, not painted under the blinds, and it's all gritty in places? The painter arrives a bit later and explains why it's not finished, and we agree to it being completed tomorrow; he'll be arriving about 1500.

Julie arrives, and we have a good look and think about what's needed.... We also have a quick session going through some of the gear Julie hasn't used before - just as a quick intro. We have a look at some of the build issues and come up with some solutions.

Knocking off time! We pop into a local charity shop on the way home to have a quick chat with the staff because we want to do a shoot with them to publicise some of the cool clothing they get in. Happy to oblige as it'll help us get set up; they are calling to arrange soon. Assistant manager also asks if we can do giclee prints - discussion shows that her partner is an artist and wants to source printing, plus may want someone to do the transformation of artwork to prints - give a card, might be a good sideline.

Home to missus, and we pop down together to have a look at progress so far. We decide to make a run to Ikea to get some of the bits we need so I can speed up the transformation. Quick meal in Ikea cafe - they do a nice veggie balls with jambalaya - and a few quid more off the budget and we're set. Drop this back at studio for morning, then home to write this blog.

It's 2320 and I want my glass of wine! Next post tomorrow, folks.