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The Studio Build - All Done!

Studio view from model end

Final bits on the studio build today. Waited in for the blackout curtain and the banner for the changing room window to arrive, then down to the studio to fix.

I'd intended to attach the curtain with magnets to the (metal) windows; this worked okay, but I couldn't get enough overlap at the top (above the windows is wood, gloss painted black for some reason) so ended up having to use the old standby - gaffer tape. Did you know gaffer tape is like the Force? It has a light side, a dark side and it holds the universe together.... Well, this lot didn't because it was white!  It will probably need a bit more work to make it firm, but it stayed up while I was there. The cold overnight will show how well it's fixed.

Incidentally, if you are planning to use magnets (Neodymium works best) for this sort of thing, remember to look at the shear strength not the pull strength - if it's holding something flat it's the former that matters.

Bit more tidying up and rearranging and it's now to my satisfaction - although I still need to steam the cover on the sofa bed as it's creased, and I'm sure my mother would say it wants still more cleaning... 

The changing room now looks nice; chair needs to come in but otherwise fine. The Banksy artwork was a studio-warming present from my wife (thanks love xx).

Changing room

(Just noticed something has fallen off the hanger! I'll get it tomorrow)

Finally, a view back up the studio showing the storage etc., and the lounge/boudoir set. We still may need something along the window wall, but most shooting angles I tried the screen covered up everything we needed. We'll see how it goes.

View of set

Running a Facebook ad campaign this week, and a banner ad will be going up at a local supermarket in next couple of weeks; so let's see how we do for customers...

Drop me a line if you have queries or are interesting in shooting/being shot at the studio!