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Affordable Photography with Excellence
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Welcome to Ex Cathedra Photography

Affordable Photography with Excellence.

Welcome to Ex Cathedra Photography - I'm Steve Durbin, your photographer. You may be surprised not to see hoards of photos and flash animations all over this page - this is because I believe that you won't want to keep seeing the same images every time you come in - for a quick view of some of my work, click the link below. We hate pages that look pretty but take ten minutes to load - life's too short!

Ex Cathedra 150 images

We are happy to undertake any kind of photography, and we can do most work in your own home with our portable studio equipment; keeping your costs down and making some kinds of photography (particularly with children) much easier.

The prices page is up to date, so feel free to have a look at how competitive we are.

Please give us a call or for availability

If you want to get in touch with us, to book a shoot or request other services, use the Contact links at the bottom of the page or give us a ring on 07976 271559.

Charity Work

I don't charge charities and certain not-for-profit organisations for photos (at my discretion and if I can fit it in), so here are a few recent ones:

Art4U Events

Coleg Elidyr Events

Personal Work

You can see some more of my personal work at Flickr - Most of the work on Flickr isn't paid - I do photography for fun as well, and have since I was in short trousers.


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